What to Expect When Moving with a Physical Doll

Solid dolls are important companions that will be with you for a long time. But sometimes dolls can be a big problem when they last too long, and moving can be one of the main problems.

When moving, the size and weight of the doll can cause more trouble, then again, if it is not packed correctly, it may cause deformation or damage, so you must be careful.

This time, we're giving you some tips on what to expect when moving with a physical doll.

Must be packed

When handling solid dolls, it is best to wrap the doll tightly in a blanket to avoid scratches. The skin of solid dolls is not very fragile and will not tear from minor bumps, but it can be scratched if not handled properly, just as human skin is rubbed and scratched. Unlike humans, the skin of solid dolls does not heal over time, so try to avoid scratches.

Keeping the shipping box

The best way to pack the doll is to use the cardboard box and packing materials that came with the doll when you purchased it. Because, the physical dolls are carefully packed and inspected and shipped out of the factory with good protection, even if you move it, you can avoid damaging the doll.

There are also small dolls of 100cm and large dolls of 160cm or more, and it is difficult to find cardboard boxes that fit this size. If you keep the cardboard box from the initial purchase, there is no need to worry. One problem is that the cardboard box at the time of purchase is so large that it is difficult to keep it. Especially for people who own more than one doll, it is not practical to keep all the freebies, so you can discard some of them appropriately and disassemble the box and put it under the bed.

Pay attention to the problem of oil coming out of TPE

It is important to be aware of the problem of oil coming out of the dolls and the problem of staining on the dolls' skin from the color of the fabric used in the packaging.The TPE material oozes oil, a phenomenon known as "spitting oil". If this oil seeps into clothing, it is difficult to remove it even after washing.

In addition, this oil leakage can cause the dyes used in the fabric to get on the doll's skin. Once this happens, it is almost impossible to restore the skin color. With these points in mind, when wrapping a doll in cloth, it is good to use a white cloth without worrying about color transfer, even if it gets soaked with oil and thrown away.

How to "hide"

When moving, it's all in the hands of the moving company, right? Some people may think so, but depending on the company, large packages and quantities may be inspected, and some people may say, "There's a baby doll in here!" So if you want to avoid embarrassment by not letting people know, the easiest way is to pack it yourself and not have to be honest and write "solid dolls", but rather write "furniture" and then you don't have to worry about it being discovered.

If you find that you can't move it or you don't want it anymore, the best way is to sell it as a second-hand item on a forum. You have to take a picture of the doll and write a detailed description.

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