What should I be aware of when using a sex doll for the first time?

The most important role of the physical sex doll is used to replace the real person, to meet our needs for sex, the user collective most of the single men, but also a small number of women.

Just bought a sex doll, do you know how to use it?

The first step is to arrive by courier, pack and open. Before that you need to prepare a larger space for the physical sex doll, at least twice as big as the doll. Packaging is best collected first, convenient for future storage.

Then is to check the physical sex dolls, to see if there is no damage in the delivery process, there are problems need to react with the manufacturer in time.

After determining that there is no problem first do not rush to have sex with the entity sex doll. Because at the moment the body of the doll may still have some odor, or dirt, we have to give her a bath first, so we can rest assured that the use.

Giving solid sex dolls a bath is necessary, and will often be carried out in the future, this step must not be omitted. After washing to cool dry.

After the bath, you should give the solid sex dolls talcum powder, which can ensure that the doll's body is dry and improve the experience of using it.

After all ready, you will be able to make love with the entity sex doll, but we suggest that we should wear a condom in the process of use, so that the future cleaning will be much easier.

The above is the entity sex doll use tutorial, I hope you can play happy. Usually use the above points must pay attention to, this also helps to improve the service life of the doll, usually make love to try to be careful and gentle a little oh.

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