Men who have sex dolls as lifelong partners

The combination of a man and a woman to build a family and have children - this is a combination generally recognized by society. Now, a new kind of combination is becoming more and more famous, a group of middle-aged men, choose to live with lifeless inflatable dolls. Inflatable dolls are much more than just a sex object for them. They wash and dress the dolls, cuddle and dance with them - they treat "them" as their silent lovers.

Every night, when Ta-Bo (a pseudonym), a 45-year-old Japanese engineer, comes home from work and pushes open the door of his Tokyo apartment, he is not greeted by his wife or girlfriend, but by a row of inflatable dolls sitting on the sofa, each of which Ta-Bo has given a name. Each night, Ta-Bo watches TV or reads in the company of his dolls. This is followed by the usual bathing and dressing routine - Ta-Bo carefully wipes the dolls' "skin" after bathing and applies talcum powder to the dolls - this makes their skin feel more like that of a real person. Afterward, he dresses the dolls in carefully chosen lingerie, carries them into the bedroom, and sleeps with them." A real girl may betray you or hurt you, an inflatable doll never will, they are 100% mine." Ta-Bo, who owns more than 40 inflatables and silicone dolls, rents a duplex apartment specifically to care for the sheer number of dolls. Over the past 10 years, he has spent about $30,000 dollars dollars on various dolls." From meeting someone to sleeping with her, it takes too much time, but if the object is an inflatable doll, the process is totally different, you just need to click the mouse and she will be couriered to you" - Ta-Bo claimed to have had sexual experience with five women, but he still enjoys the feeling of being with the dolls more.

American Gordon. American Gordon Griggs kisses his silicone girlfriend Ginger. Gordon has more than one "girlfriend", his favorite in addition to the brown and black Ginger, and a blonde hair, body slender Kelly. Gordon's favorites were Ginger, who was brown and black, and Kelly Sue, who was blonde and slender, both of whom were produced by Abyss Creations in California. Gordon loved them so much that he groomed them every day, slept with them, and often took them on trips ...... Gordon, who just turned 44 and is a factory worker in Virginia, bought himself his first silicone doll in 2000. Gordon has had girlfriends, but those relationships have ended without incident. His encounters with women have been filled with these kinds of experiences: on one date, his partner left him hanging on the dance floor and slipped away; another called him about a date and invited Gordon to her home, only to have her ask Gordon to babysit for her and then run off to fool around with other men. ...... After a series of these kinds of things, Gordon says : "I never dare to entertain any ardent hopes for a woman again." I've had real love, and I've been around some good-looking women, but it's never made me feel as good as Ginger did. It's less like love and more like a kind of spiritual attachment." Gordon explains, "It's true that Ginger can't stand up, can't talk to me, can't walk me through Best Buy or Walmart, but she'll sit there quietly, she won't get fat, she won't get old, she can stay as beautiful as she is right now, and she'll never lie and cheat on me, she'll never hurt my feelings, and isn't that nice?"

The 39-year-old electronics salesman who goes by the screen name "Dave the Cat" has hardly been with a woman since July 2000, when he first bought a silicone doll: "We've been living together for 11 years and we've never had a fight," he says. Dave the cat's quirks are numerous enough: wearing the hairstyle of an alternative young man nearly a century ago: a personal website with an "85 things" section that lists all the little shit about himself; a love of kissing, so his favorite dolls are equipped with two spare tongues; and even more "chic" - obsessed with the feet of silicone dolls. 2000, when the first doll, Dave the cat 27 years old, "and her all day long," he said. "All I did with her was sex, sex, sex, all day long," he says. He said. The doll, called Shi Chan, was overused and had to be returned for repairs, during which time he missed her terribly. Because of his surprising fervor for inflatable dolls, "Dave the Cat" became a media sensation, often appearing on camera with his dolls, and after a few experiences, he now says that in the future he would be okay with having a couple of real girlfriends - "but she'd have to be okay with the silicone dolls"." The people you want to be closest to are people, but the people you want to be closest to are also people. People are as far away from each other as two islands or even two lonely planets. Once you muster the courage to walk in, all you get in return is a stabbing." At 39, he says. he encourages himself to be ready to accept a real woman, but the only companions he still has are his Shi Chan and Silk Dolls.

γ€€γ€€The stories of these simulated doll enthusiasts are different, but behind their choices is a social fear that everyone can easily find around them. Nevertheless, those who buy silicone dolls are rightfully labeled as "freaks" and "sexual deviants". A Japanese documentary, "Perfect Family," explored the various reasons why some Japanese men are linked to dolls: social barriers, a desire for weird sex, or a fascination with the beauty of silicone dolls ...... loneliness are the most commonly cited reasons. Some film and television programs like to borrow inflatable dolls, silicone dolls rendered pure love bridge, but in the end, the costly they are still mainly used to satisfy sexual desire and sexual fantasy.

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