28 common sense and precautions for sex dolls

We have summarized for you most of people’s questions and our answers. We hope this will help you.

1: How many times should I wash the black clothes worn by sex dolls and how long should I leave them to be completely non-staining?

Use laundry detergent laundry detergent soak 10 minutes to see if the water has no color. In addition, you can use the split to do the dye test, generally to the water has no color, it will not stain , but a new clothes to be washed soaked laundry detergent water no color, that is not wash 5-6 times to get it done.

2: Will the white fabric make the sex doll stain?

White will not stain, colored will stain, and generally colored hold on the body heat, before staining to the body.

3: Is the sex doll easy to dye?

Generally depends mainly on the clothes, right? If the clothes themselves are not stained, they are generally not stained, if you are afraid of staining, it is recommended to wear anti-dye primer or wear light-colored clothes.

4: About sex dolls, dark clothes dyeing problem?

Usually do not wear dark clothes for a long time, entity dolls can be bare, it does not matter, underwear is recommended to prepare white is better.

5: Is not wearing a bottoming shirt do not have to worry about this problem? The clothes can also be worn for a long time? And is not the clothes wash when the color is not stained, even if it is dark color can always wear? And will lose color is will stain?

General insurance point, clothes bought back with a warm white wet cloth wipe a wipe, as long as there is a little color, we have to wash and wear or can not wear for a long time. The bottom clothing wear, later if you can guarantee to cover the doll’s whole body will not be a problem ~ be careful ah, staining super painful … Even if the color does not fall off the color of God also do not always wear, not afraid of a million, especially the knees and buttocks kind of often rub the place most likely to stain.

6: How to care for wigs?

You can use shampoo, and then wipe some conditioner, will be soft and smooth.

7: How to beat the powder? After beating it? Directly put it?

Hit the whole body. After playing put can be put in a box or bed.

8: What is the right cosmetics to buy?

The real one. Anything, the requirements are not great.

9: Do sex dolls come out with oil? Which material does not come out?

All will come out of the oil. The degree is not the same. Diligent powder, get used to it.

10: Do you have to stop for a few days to change the body position when the sex doll does not work?

Well, sit back and forth, lie down, change the posture, be careful of butt deformation.

11:Put the sofa can not change the posture how to prevent the buttocks deformation?

Get a cushion. Try the cushion on the buttocks.

12: Can you put the suitcase?

It is best not to let the doll curled up for a long time.

13: Sex dolls inside the body will enter the water?

No, because they are made of solid silicone, do not worry about water; but pay attention to the neck must not enter the water. For the time being are metal skeleton, metal in water you know.

14: How do I move my sex doll?

It is best to put the entity doll on a chair with wheels to move, can be very good to avoid injury or fall to it. Of course, you can also take the back or carry the way, but be especially careful not to scratch the doll. When you do things with the doll, you can use some auxiliary tools or pillows to fix its posture. When wrenching the joints, it is best to use both hands to fix the two ends of the corresponding joints, and then move, move slowly, and never unconventionally twist the joints. Also pay attention to avoid roughly pulling the doll to avoid damage to the joints.

15: Sex dolls wear a wig will lose color stain?

Directly from the regular entity doll manufacturers to buy or buy a doll with the wig quality is generally guaranteed, will not stain, outside the buy need to pay careful attention to Oh.

16: Sex dolls in the box, how long can be powdered?

Solid dolls are best powdered once a month, ah, if more oil will be glued, then it will be a problem.

17: Sex dolls how to wash hair, remove the soak in water scrubbing or buy a touch to hang up the hair to wash? After washing is drying or blow-drying?

Remove the entity doll’s hair, soak in water with a little shampoo rub, rub around, do not circle. Then rinse off the foam with water, then soak in a mixture of water and conditioner or conditioner for half an hour and fish it out. Air dry, if you like you can blow, but blow half dry. Basically no trouble.

18: Does the use of decolorizing cream also have a corrosive effect after dyeing sex dolls?

Decolorization cream on the doll will have a slight corrosive, so easily do not use, staining serious irremediable again.

19: Is there any effect of using color removal cream after the sex doll buttocks are stained extensively? How far can it recover?

There is an effect, generally can be intact as before.

20: Sex dolls a little better maintenance can probably be used for how long?

Normally about 2-10 years. Specific reference can be made to this blog.

21: What happens when a sex doll is pressured in one place for a long time? Will sitting for a long time be injured?

Do not keep a posture for a long time, you can three days, five days to change the posture, left and right side lying, lying flat, etc..

22: How to deal with the marks on the body of sex dolls that have been pressed for a long time?

Soak with hot water, or hot towels.

23: Sex dolls slightly stained or stained with ash, how should the olive oil wipe? Apply it directly on it regardless, and then wash it?

First rub with olive oil, and then rinse off with water, play talcum powder.

24:Olive oil is edible olive oil?

The general use of olive oil is skin care.

25: How to clean with vaginal cleaning solution ah?

Blending water, then take the entity doll equipped with intimate cleaner suction, and then sprayed inside.

26: Can sex dolls stand up?

The doll has three screws on the bottom of the feet of the entity doll, can stand.

27: What about sex dolls with more bent ankles and wrinkled skin?

The doll is a soft TPE material, a long time unnatural bending or compression of the doll local will appear wrinkles or indentations, this is normal, will automatically recover after sitting for a period of time (the use of hot water soaking, hot towel compresses, can shorten the recovery time).

28: Can the waist of a sex doll be bent? How to pose?

Solid sex dolls have waist joints (can be bent forward, not backward, can be turned left and right) new entity doll joints will be relatively tight, grinding for a period of time, it will be fine.

Waist use: press both shoulders, you can turn; lay the entity doll flat, use your feet or one hand to press hard on the belly button upward point, and then grab the shoulders and lift hard upward, you can bend.

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