American Married Woman Lives With Three Solid Dolls in Diverse Family

A married woman who ordered three male dolls online to form a "family" has now purchased two baby dolls to complete her multifaceted family, according to a report.

The married woman is Alex from the United States, who lives with the dolls Larry, Lance and Landon, as well as her real husband. She has been sharing her daily life on foreign social media Instagram since 2016 and has attracted thousands of followers as a result.

During this time, she also purchased two baby dolls named Victor and Victoria and shared hundreds of photos of the dolls dressed in fancy clothes, playing various roles and traveling.

Of this life, Alex said earlier that her husband felt very "uncomfortable" when she started stepping into the world of physical dolls. However, in the later days her husband saw the positive changes in her life and knew that with the addition of the dolls to the family, his wife had become more relaxed and happy and had come to accept it.

As time went on, Alex wanted the two baby dolls to age like humans, that way they would be more like real people. She intends to upgrade the two dolls to appropriate bodies in the future as they get older, until they reach school age and continue to follow the human growth process.

"I never wanted a large solid doll the size of my son, that would have been weird. There are specialty manufacturers that have dolls in all shapes and sizes from tiny babies to toddlers," Alex said. Earlier in the day, she also shared a black-and-white photo of Larry and baby doll Victor.

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