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The simulation effect is very good, also good maintenance, after the use of the feeling with the real person is not much difference, the feel is very simulation, the joints turn the amplitude can be, the skin is soft and elastic! The touch is very real, the details are in place, the use of the experience is very good, shipping privacy is good!

The breasts are full and soft.

Joint flexibility is very large Want to change what action can be, give her a fragrant shower gel bath, after wearing clothes more like a real person, the material is flexible or very real, the breasts are plump and very soft, all aspects are quite perfect, pinch up but also special feeling, usually I also have to go to the gym, so this point of body weight for me a small meaning only.

It's worth the wait.

Entity dolls at first glance or let a person's eyes, I like sexy, looking at the high-end atmosphere, because it is customized, the store said it is not the spot, need to place an order to do now. Sex dolls arrived after I feel she is really exquisite, the body is of course also top.

Good service attitude

Service attitude is very good, many times the communication and exchange attitude is also very pleasant, the doll's function is quite complete, the simulation is very high, hair, eyes, skin are lifelike, the skeleton can also pose, the skin is slippery, the feeling is quite good! And easy to clean, confidential shipment to avoid the embarrassment of signing.

Customer service was very considerate!

Product details are considered impeccable, cost-effective is considered quite good, the quality is very good, just arrived at the product also has no flavor, the feel is indeed like a real person. Don't know where to ask customer service, very patiently tell you how to use, doll notes are very important, customer service is very considerate!

A penny for a penny!

A penny for a penny! Can be said to be a very good companion, before buying is also compared quite a long time, now feel quite satisfied, my personal feeling ah, and the picture is no difference, and even a little bit better than the picture ha ha ha, just opened the box when I thought it really lie inside a person, and indeed or entity of the reliable, beautiful and delicate features, facial very true, the skin is very soft to touch very comfortable it is, especially beautiful!


It's very stretchy and it's the quality of the sex doll that counts! Expensive also really have expensive reason! The head is particularly delicate wax material, do not go back to buy cheap those poor quality products, this is very real, worthy of a big brand, the face is very beautiful, the body proportion curve is very beautiful, skin texture are surprisingly, it is worth it.

Worth buying!

The doll's face is done very beautifully, the limbs can also be posed in a variety of poses, hands and feet of the details of the grain is also done very real, the skin color is very good, give a person the feeling of being very real. Full entity, inside the skeleton, the basic people can pose, are able to meet, the weight is there, I think normal, this is a high simulation of the human, very good, expensive also really have expensive reason!

Value for money!

Buy these things really most afraid of privacy issues, afraid of leakage, received the goods to see the express package sealed complete, no one can see out! Doll face type is very beautiful basically no difference, skin color and appearance of the design are very like, skin color is very positive, very charming, especially the chest is very soft, with the real same, grabbing a special feeling, and the quality is also particularly good, play really strong to give a person extremely excited feeling, customer service attitude is very good, there are questions to be answered. Value for money!

favorable criticism

Sex dolls are very flexible, a little bit will not be loose, fine workmanship without any flaws can be seen in the process technology is quite impressive, is as beautiful as imagined, before using the whole point of the lubricant to pour a little bit of up to feel better than the real same, as well as customer service attitude is very much in place, good reviews, it is the feeling that the gift a little less!

Worth buying!

Before are only know that there are inflatable dolls do not know that there are physical dolls. Inflatable dolls are very uncomfortable to use. But the entity doll is not the same real and good-looking, but also comfortable, the doll is entity, the business sends a lot of things, the doll is also very beautiful, and the picture is consistent with the introduction, the business attitude of service is very good, the logistics is also very fast, the logistics of privacy is done in place! Overall not bad, worth buying!

The sex dolls are really the perfect size.

Sex doll material is soft, the skin feels good, after all, this is a full entity, but also with a skeleton, cost-effective, personally I really like the face shape, the doll's body shape is really perfect.

The quality is really good.

Quality is indeed very good. I wish the weight could be lighter, it would be better if the smallest model could be under twenty kilograms. The logistics is quite fast, and you can also book a delivery time, the box is also good.

Exquisite workmanship

The chest is very soft, and the ass is also. Look quite a feeling, the use of the effect is also very good, the entity doll conformity ninety-nine percent, the skin is very soft to touch very comfortable, dolls do is very delicate

It makes you want to stop

The wife began to get fat after giving birth to a child, sometimes still miss her previous good figure, secretly behind her back to engage in a beautiful doll, the doll is still quite fun, giving people a kind of feeling of sex with real people, is the whole word can only move themselves. I should have known to add an electric buttocks function. You can feel the inside is completely imitated woman to design, feel delicate elasticity! Full and upright bosom, front and back, charming body, let people can not stop.

In line with expectations

The doll does not have any taste, the feel is also very good, and will not be oily, the skin tone is also very natural, the doll's makeup is exquisite and beautiful, the body is great, you can also feel the general experience of the real person when using it.

My Goddess

Simply and real people touch the same! See her my body reaction is also very strong, feel this aspect is really great, can experience a lot of positions, and play not tired at all, is my heart goddess look, light fragrance, simply too charming, the more people can not stop!

A quite satisfactory shopping!

Previously cheap to buy other stores are inflatable, received and lost. This time to buy the entity doll is still quite satisfied. A penny for a penny, no odor, the gift of clothes to wear very sexy.

Really like a real person very beautiful.

After looking at many online stores that sell sex dolls, I finally chose to buy here. Their service is very good every detail will confirm with you, of course service is not the final reason I give good reviews, the doll is. I bought a lot of clothes online, shoes hanging ornaments back to dress up dress up need a little patience. Really like a real person very beautiful.

It's great!

Use a little, that feeling comfortable to the bone! Although it is a fake, but using the same as the real! Especially great, inserted into the inside, the orgasm came! And the introduction of the exact same, quite conscientious, the price, I moderately believe that a price is worth a penny, and really did not let me down. The use of very comfortable, worth a five-star review. The function is really powerful, as the description says as good as the automatic clip sucking effect is very good, can be all wrapped. The shape of the product what is very real, you can see that the workmanship is really meticulous. There are a lot of modes! Try it and you'll know! This inverted model can indeed be to meet my needs, the courier came to see the package fruit is very tight, completely can not see what to buy, which I am very satisfied, the cost is very high! The workmanship and material are very good, this shopping is really too satisfied.

The perfect woman!

The shape is exquisite, the feel is very ness, the hips are very sexy, received and to my look at the same physical picture, very beautiful! The quality is very good, fine workmanship, excellent feeling, much better than imagined, the texture of the body is made very real, the feel is also quite good. Doll workmanship is getting better and better, the skin is more flesh-colored skin tone, just right, also have a real person texture, look very natural, the physical look more real. Face, makeup, body proportion is very good; neck, limb joints, hands and feet blood vessels visible; body internal structure is more realistic, the overall skin texture first-class

Make me very satisfied with a shopping

Saved two months of pocket money all of a sudden spent on the doll, there is a little bit of meat pain, but fortunately the value of the purchase, every morning to see her lying in my arms, happy all day long, especially motivated to go out before she dress up, and then come home from work in the evening, to see her have a kind of home to hide the feeling of Stepford Wife, so happy!

Gospel for men

Posture arbitrary engage, comfortable less. Like heating love, every day at home to get. The cool to dawn, a must for men. The size of this quite like, when the order is quite worried about the customer service recommended this that you can start from this to try the texture is also very fine, the following raised like particles, feel very real with a comfortable. Very beautiful. The material is very soft, the same as the real skin, smooth and delicate than the real skin. I also really like this stuff. The size is also very good . , the skin tone is very positive, touching it will not be oily, all aspects of the details are very well done. Very good, very good to use. Comfortable to use over. Not a bit of odor, recommended to like-minded male brothers, if there is no girlfriend around, this is really a good choice.

Singles must buy!

The first thing to say about the courier, especially confidential courier list completely can not see what it is, which does a particularly good job. Then the material is also very good, feel particularly soft and real, too sexy, very realistic, and her sex is really cool. The vagina is very tight, can not stop, the gospel of single people ah!

I will come back to buy again

Sex doll five senses simulation work very fine, body work with care and detail, soft and flexible material. Like real people play up the feeling. Inside the particles and wrinkles are made very full, the quality feels much better, play really have a different flavor. The design also feels very good, but also can pose a lot of poses, eye candy, body proportion is also very good.