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LUOGANG TRADING LIMITED is a global business, based in the Hong Kong, SHINING LOVER © is our online store, run by and for sex doll lovers. Many of our staff own sex dolls, including our founder. Many of us have embraced the sex doll lifestyle. When you become our customer, you not only get an extremely lifelike sex doll but you get access to our expertise and customer service for life. We are always ready to answer any questions you may have about sex doll ownership and care. At heart we are just a group of doll enthusiasts that want to help others get legitimate dolls for a great price and then have the best experience possible after purchase. We know that sex dolls are better than “real” women… and we appreciate the many benefits they provide us. On the many pages of our website you will find a full selection of real doll type silicone sex dolls and realistic love dolls. Our lifelike sex dolls are carefully sculpted and fully featured.

Why Should You Buy From Us?

Our company is built on honesty, integrity, and a devotion to your satisfaction. A lot of effort has gone into making our website the type of site that you will enjoy using. We don’t just want you to enjoy the product you buy from us. We also want you to be happy with the shopping experience itself. We want our site to be as informative and easy to use as it can be. And we want you to know that our helpful, knowledgeable, and respectful staff is always on hand to assist you. Do you have questions about the features of our sex dolls? Please send us an email service@shininglover.com.

Expertise and Customer Service

As mentioned before we are a company of doll owners ourselves. Any question you have, any problem you encounter, it is likely we have seen it before and found a solution. When customers purchase a doll from us, we do not stop support once the sale is made. We will be available to you after-sale as well to guide you in successful sex doll ownership. We answer all emails within 12 hours, usually much quicker than that too.