A few things you should know about poor quality solid dolls!

Genuine, high-end solid dolls are never cheap, and if a solid doll is priced incredibly low, it is definitely a low-quality solid doll and consumers should be prepared to be scammed.

Of course, everyone wants to get their money's worth, and this article will explain low-quality solid dolls to help you better recognize them and avoid being scammed.

1. Poor-quality solid dolls are made from poor-quality materials

The most obvious and useful difference is the raw material used in the production of the doll. There are generally only two materials used in solid dolls, namely TPE and silicone. They are different from each other and have their own advantages. Dolls made from these two materials not only look realistic, but also feel very real, smooth and soft, just like real people. Solid dolls made from inferior materials tend to lack the smooth, soft texture and are very fragile, with a very short lifespan and susceptible to minor injuries.

2. Poor quality solid dolls can easily cause allergies or adverse reactions

TPE and silicone are both hypoallergenic materials because they do not contain any dangerous chemicals that can cause allergic reactions, and they can be hugged and even kissed. In addition, high-end dolls will not be easily damaged by lubricants and standard cleaning agents. However, this is not the case with low-quality physical dolls, as they are made of unknown synthetic materials that are highly likely to carry some kind of unhealthy substance.

3. Poor-quality dolls have a "bad odor" that cannot be washed away.

When you make a solid doll, there will be the smell of the material itself, but the smell will dissipate after a period of airing or washing. Simply put, standard TPE and silicone dolls don't give off any nasty odors, and only do so if they are not washed in a timely manner. The opposite is true for poor quality solid dolls, which may smell "nice", but this is due to aromatics that have been added in large quantities to disguise the foul odor, which is an obvious disadvantage of low-grade materials. The scary thing is that the smell doesn't go away no matter how much they are cleaned.

4. Poor-quality dolls usually come from unknown new factories

High-quality dolls must be produced by a professional production team, and you can't expect a perfect doll without specialized knowledge and skills. However, this doesn't mean that all newcomers are inexperienced manufacturers, and many good doll manufacturers, including Shuribo, have provided the market with excellent dolls.

The best practice is to check the manufacturer's reviews and ratings online before making a purchase, and also ask customer service for relevant documents such as product certificates, and also the availability of video inspections, which is important.

5. The truth that you get what you pay for

We can't just spend a few hundred dollars to get a brand new physical doll, some unscrupulous merchants steal photos from genuine dolls' stores and then attract consumers with very low price. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Usually, doll manufacturers will offer special prices during some holiday promotions, which are good opportunities to get your hands on a doll, but never as low as $500 or less, and the cost of the merchant's operations and the materials and labor used in the doll's production far exceeds that amount.

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